Sectarianism – Preachers warn of General Security’s sectarian disparity

(The Daily Star, December 4, 2010)

Preachers during Friday prayers said the imbalance in the allotment of positions at the General Directorate of Security General among sects harmed national coexistence, a statement released by Dar al-Fatwa said. The statement said the distribution of positions and ranks among religious sects negatively impacted national coexistence, a reference to the diminishing influence and number of Sunni personnel at the General Security directorate.

“We, as mosque imams and muftis, call for the correction of such mistakes as officials at the Security General failed to act seriously, expressing no positive reaction to our demands. Instead, they rather made promises that were never delivered on, despite the just demands,” it said.

It urged the new head of General Security to be appointed, following the retirement at the end this year of the current head of General Security Wafiq Jezzini, a Shiite close to Speaker Nabih Berri’s Amal Movement and Hizbullah, in order to correct the imbalance in line with the Constitution and the 1943 Pact of National Coexistence.