Lebanon-Syria – Dutch Tourists Enter Freely with Hashish

(The Daily Star, September 9 2010)

The Drug Combating Department arrested two Dutchmen for attempting to smuggle drugs out of the country, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) announced on Wednesday.

The ISF said 65.7 kilograms of cannabis were found in a secret compartment inside the trunk of a car trying to leave Lebanon through the Arida border crossing with Syria. The vehicle was a silver Kia with a European plate and two Dutchmen were driving it. The two suspects were arrested and investigations revealed they were father and son.

The car had entered Lebanon on August 24 through the Masnaa crossing between Lebanon and Syria and it was kept under surveillance. According to the ISF, one of the suspects had previously visited Lebanon, where he met another Dutch national named Alex, who had proposed smuggling drugs from Lebanon to the Netherlands.

Alex introduced the suspects to a Lebanese man living in Holland. The latter was identified as “T.J.” and he bought the car and instructed his relatives in Lebanon to help with the smuggling operation. The two suspects were promised 25,000 euros in addition to travelling fees and they stayed with T.J.’s family in the Bekaa during their visit. The ISF said investigations have been launched to locate the Lebanese nationals involved in the case.


(an-Nahar, September 4 2010)

Two Dutch tourists entered Lebanon with a Dutch-plated car through Syria with a load of 66 kg of hashish. They were not stopped in Masnaa (Syria-Lebanon crossing point) but later in Lebanon….

مخدرات في سيارة هولندية

عكار – “النهار”:
تمكنت قوة من مكتب المخدرات في الشرطة القضائية من ضبط سيارة من نوع “كيا” تحمل لوحة “هولندية” رقمها 72 – 7 – n2v عند نقطة العبودية الحدودية وفي داخلها شخصان هولنديان هما رودي هانريكس جاكويوس وجيران الفانس.
وقد نقل الشخصان مع المضبوطات التي قدرت بنحو 66 كيلوغراماً من حشيشة الكيف الى مكتب مكافحة المخدرات تمهيداً لتسليمهما الى القضاء.
وعلم ان السيارة دخلت لبنان في 24 من آب الماضي عبر نقطة المصنع الحدودية.