Beirut – Family dispute becomes gun battle

(The Daily Star, November 11, 2010)

Three Lebanese people were wounded Wednesday in a dispute that escalated into an exchange of fire in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

Members from the Amhaz and Miqdad families exchanged fire in the wake of a quarrel that took place Tuesday night between the two families in Al-Hadi restaurant near Al-Wafa bakery, along Sayyed Hadi Nasrallah highway.

The clashes wounded two members from the Miqdad family and one from the Amhaz family. A security source told The Daily Star that Al-Hadi restaurant was destroyed during the clashes, attributing the dispute to personal reasons.

According to the source, the two families exchanged fire for around 10 minutes after which the Lebanese Army cordoned off the area and restored calm. Similar incidents have occurred across the capital in recent months.