Family Feud in Bekaa Valley, one wounded

(The Daily Star, August 21 2010)

A family feud developed into an exchange of gunfire that wounded one person in the village of Riyaq in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. The state-run National News Agency reported on Friday that Abbas N.D. was wounded following a quarrel with his brother, Ali, during an exchange of machine-gun fire. Abbas was rushed to the Riyaq hospital, while his brother managed to escape. Also in the Bekaa, a mother identified as Inas A.A. kidnapped her 10-year-old child from her ex-husband’s home in the suburb of Karak, near Zahle. Inas and other individuals had been watching the child, Taha, until they spotted him in the house’s courtyard when they persuaded him to get out and kidnapped him using two cars.