Homs, 29 ottobre 2011… in diretta

Homs, dicembre 2010Ricevo da un abitante di Homs con cui sono in contatto la seguente email. Copio e incollo il testo, arrivato nella mia casella di posta alle 23:00 locali, le 22 in Italia.

Another day of savagery, destruction, and killing by the Assad forces

Homs started its day with sounds of bombing that was louder and more intense than usual, aimed at Baba Amro. More than 20 explosions were heard and they shook the neighborhood. Smoke clouds could be seen clearly from nearby neighborhoods rising from Baba Amro. Heavy artillery and tank bombs were used to target the neighborhood violently and snipers were used to paralyze movement in the streets. Explosions and machine guns continue to be heard, even in most Homs neighborhoods. Assad security also bombed Al-Hamza mosque.

Bombing Baba Amro with heavy artillery and machine guns















Some of the injuries that ensued





Some of the types of ammunition used in the bombing



One of the homes that was bombed



A demonstration went out in Baba Amro despite the destruction and the power outage


The bombing reached other neighborhoods near Baba Amro, where two bombs fell in the area between Al-Qubaa mosque and Al-Hikma hospital, but luckily without injuring anyone. Fires were seen in the Baath University near the Faculty of medicine, which is close to the area being bombed. In continued attempts to mislead media by the Assad regime, two medical student residence halls that overlook Baba Amro, were emptied so none of them could capture what the regime was doing to the innocent people in the neighborhood.

In Deir Balba, a young man, Khaled Hasan Al-Yaseen was stopped at the checkpoint by the Deir Balba-Al-Bayada traffic sign, and after he passed through and was 50 meters away, they shot him from the back. The bullet went through the car, his body, and the front windshield, and he died. There were also two explosions that shoot Al-Janoubi area of Deir Balba, and reportedly, a young man was injured in the shoulder and is in critical condition.

A young man, Mahmoud Al-Nimr was shot and killed by a sniper at Al-Atrash circle


In Jib Al-Jandali, martyr Mulham Al-Shlar, 25 years old, died after he was shot by an armored vehicle stationed in the neighborhood. The security checkpoint in the neighborhood arrested 6 young men and took them to an unknown location, and to this time there is no information about them.

In Al-Bayada, 2 armored vehicles passed in Al-Qahera street and started firing heavily, which greatly terrorized residents, who fled home to escape the gunfire, leaving their stores open. Gunfire was shot intermittently from Al-Zer checkpoint towards homes and an unannounced curfew was imposed. Movement completely stopped in Al-Qahera street. Abo Al-Nour, 60 years old, who owns a vegetable carriage, was arrested in Al-Bayada after he was injured by gunfire and his carriage was destroyed, which is his main source of income.

Al-Khadr neighborhood was also completely surrounded and Assad forces fired randomly to terrorize the residents. Assad thugs then spread around to carry out inspections and further terrorize the residents. Seeing as there was heavy gunfire, there was no noon prayer in Othman mosque.

Since the morning, Assad forces started raiding some homes in Al-Karama area in Bab Al-Sbaa, and surrounding area looking for soldiers who defected last night. The sniper who is located on top of the Citadel targeted young man, Mahmoud Atyah with two bullets, one in the head and the other in the stomach. A funeral was held for the martyr after the evening prayer.

The systemic terrorizing practiced by the Assad forces continued, and a new checkpoint was placed at the Baath branch building in Al-Inshaat to increase the siege on the residents and to be able to carry out more terrorizing operations.

In Al-Khaldiyeh, a funeral was held for the two martyr brothers, Abdelbari and Abdelmalek Al-Zain, who were killed yesterday by Assad forces bullets during a peaceful demonstration calling for freedom. Here is a video clip of the brothers’ funeral:


In Talbiseh, a 40 year old lady, Fatima Abdo Al-Deekh was killed by a bullet to the head from snipers at one of the checkpoints in the area. Fatima took care of orphans and she was going with two of her grandchildren to the barber shop, when the sniper at the athletic club checkpoint targeted her.  Here are video clips of martyr Fatima:



As if that were not enough for the checkpoint, Assad forces there fired two bullets at a pedestrian, one hitting him in the hand, and the other hit him in the back and came out of his stomach. Luckily he survived somehow and he is in a stable condition. Residents should be warned about this checkpoint that fires randomly, and we warn people from going near an remnants from the Assad forces, as a 12 year old child yesterday in Talbiseh came near an exploded bomb and when he touched it, it exploded and he lost three fingers on his left hand and bad disfigurement to his face, while his eyes are still shut to this moment.

Since early morning, intermittent gunfire from machine guns could be heard in Al-Qusayr as a reminder to the residents of the presence of the Assad forces.

There was an explosion in Tadmur from the direction of the airport, and its nature is still unknown. Military aircraft was also observed in the area.

A demonstration went out in Joret Al-Shayah after the evening prayer in solidarity with Baba Amro, and in it, the demonstartors called for imposing a no-fly zone to deter the Assad forces and its cronies.






A store was set on fire in Karm Al-Zeitoun by Assad thugs because of the strike