La Siria in guerra e gli uomini d’affari

Com’è cambiata l’economia siriana e soprattutto che ruolo hanno avuto gli uomini d’affari siriani dallo scoppio della rivolta fino a oggi?

A queste domande tenta di rispondere Jihad Yazigi – fondatore di Syria Report e uno dei massimi esperti di affari economici del suo Paese – con questo breve ma intenso articolo uscito sul blog del European Council on Foreign Relations.

Nearly three years into Syria’s deep civil war and the country’s deep divisions have now also arrived in the country’s business community.

The position of Syria’s businessmen towards the uprising is based on a number of factors including their closeness to, or dependence for the conduct of their business on, the circles of power; the size of their business outside Syria and the autonomy this gives them towards the regime; the impact on their business of government economic policy in the last decade; as well as their sectarian, geographic or ethnic affiliations.

This variety of situations means that the Syrian business community has not acted collectively in defence of its interests or in taking a common position with regards to the events unfolding in the country.

Despite the firm links that initially tied many of the country’s leading businesses to the regime, dissent has been clear from the vey outset. In July 2011, just months into the uprising, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Deir-ez-Zor, the capital of Syria’s oil-rich province, publicly came out in support of the opposition after regime forces ransacked shops and threatened business owners who had closed down in support of a general strike in the city.

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