Polish Tourists Kidnapped? A pure farse set up by the Army

Lebanese tribesleader Sheikh Rashid Jaafar (L) talks with his visitors Hajj Sadeq Jaafar and Ali Jaafar (R) at his house in Hermel in the Bekaa Valley on October 16, 2009

(an-Nahar, October 18, 2010)

Do you remember the two “Polish tourists kidnapped” in the Beqaa valley in late August? A member of the Jaafar clan over there was obscurely killed by the Army who was looking for the “kidnappers”.

After more than one month, the Jaafar clan release a press communiqué in which states that: “An official delegation of the Army Commander general Jean Qahwaji has been dispatched to their house to express condolences for the loss of Rashad Rida Jaafar, killed some weeks ago by Lebanese soldiers in Fissan area, in Jurd Hermel (…)”.

There are an estimated 100 clans in the Bekaa, among them a handful of powerful families such as the Jaafars, the Zaayters, the Dandash and the Hamadehs, whose names have become legend and are evoked with awe and fear.

The Jaafar clan had already refused the official version of the Army and some days after the killing of Rashad Jaafar issued a first communiqué, that contradicted what written at first on the newspapers.

Here below the last news published by an-Nahar last October 10, about the visit of a delegation of the Lebanese Army members of the powerful Beqaa clan. The State should bow to the authority of the local families. For a resumé in Arabic of the issue, read Metatransparent.com.

وفد عسكري عزّى آل جعفر

بعلبك – “النهار”:
أوفد قائد الجيش امس وفداً عسكرياً قدّم التعزية بالفقيد رشاد رضا جعفر، الذي قضى قبل اسابيع، برصاص عناصر من الجيش، في منطقة فيسان بجرود الهرمل. 
وكان في استقبال الوفد رئيس بلدية جوار الحشيش ياسين علي حمد جعفر وذوو الفقيد. 
وقدّم الوفد تعازي قائد الجيش، مؤكداً ان الجيش “يمد يده الى كل المواطنين، وخصوصاً عشيرة آل جعفر الكريمة، وان على كل فرد تحمّل مسؤولياته”، داعياً الى “استيعاب الامور لما فيه مصلحة الوطن”. وابدى جعفر تقدير العشيرة للجيش وتضحياته “سيما انه المؤسسة الوحيدة الحامية للوطن والضمان له”، وتمنى ان “تعطف هذه المؤسسة على المنطقة وتساعدها على تخطي ازماتها الامنية والاجتماعية”.