Syria is NOT the Country of Evil

A new slogan, a lucky one for some, is becoming increasingly widespread: Syria is “the Country of Evil”.

Despite not having any deep knowledge of the Syrian intricacies and heritage, a misleading narrative, probably written in captivity, has appeared, ideologically aimed to depict the ongoing and the historical Syrian transitions as degeneration towards “wickedness”.

The goal is to use jihadism and its real, alleged or fabricated threats against Christianity as a tool to create a Golden Age, the age dominated by the Asad presidential family (1970-2011), seen as the “defender of minorities”, and as able to guarantee internal and regional stability, and an allegedly secular State. The alternative to the Asad family would be the current abyss… needless to say, an Islamic abyss. 

We encourage anyone who disagrees with this slogan and its implicit apology of the Syrian regime to express their thoughts with a few lines on this wall. What follows is a list of the first adhesions to the campaign “Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because…”

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because there is still a non-violent movement, in spite of two years of bombs, arrests and tortures.

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because my father got tortured but he never thought that his people was like his torturers.  

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because Khalil Maatuq, a human rights lawyer, will keep fighting for a better Syria, once he will be released from Asad’s prisons. He will return to sit with his friends and colleagues at the Havana Cafè in Damascus.

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because a Syrian family hosted me for several months for free, so that I was able to spread knowledge on their everyday life in the western world of Quirico.

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because nothing that has happened so far made me cry and burned my heart as much as reading that Syria is the Country of Evil.

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because in June 2013, an official of the Free Syrian Army risked his life to approach Domenico Quirico and Pierre Piccinin, while they were held prisoners in the eastern countryside of al-Qusayr. This Syrian man tried to negotiate for weeks the liberation of the two Europeans, relying on his contacts within the brigades involved in their kidnapping. We preserved a copy of his letter*, which concludes with: “I’m not fearing for my life, I’m a FSA member and I’m armed. Rather, I’m worried about the two journalists. I hope they are still alive. I will try to obtain more detailed information on them soon, inshallah. I promise I will do my best and I wish them to meet their families again.”

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because it’s nonsense to believe there is a country of evil, regardless of its virtues, beliefs and social behaviors.

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because Tareq, school teacher, and other his colleagues, are still giving classes in their apartments – with no electricity and books – as schools became target of the regime’s raids. 

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because such a country simply doesn’t exist: not even Italy is the Country of Evil. Whoever speaks about a Country of Evil wipes out the essence of Evil, which in Syria is named the Asad regime.

Syria is NOT the Country of Evil, because Hala, a dear friend of mine, has never left her city Aleppo during the war. She endeavored with other people to bring aid and support to the wrecked neighborhoods. When I look at their pictures, I cannot distinguish Christians from Muslims in the group. Hala has always thought for herself, and every time we speak she says to be happy.

(Italian version)


*further details on this episode can be communicated on demand and in the proper locations.