Arab Springs AUB Guide

Uno degli storici edifici dell'Aub di Beirut, un mondo a parte. Since early 2011, several Arab countries have been, almost simultaneously, subject to unparalleled revolutions known as Arab Spring. These extraordinary events, which constitute a major turning point for the region, have attracted the attention of scholars from around the globe.

The University Libraries are pleased to publish an “Arab Uprisings Guide”, which provides users with scholarly resources, news sites, and web archives as well as other useful internet sources related to these historic events. Use the above tabs to find relevant libray and web resources covering this topic.

At the moment, just three Special Topics are available: Economy, Human Rights, Women. Below, some few interesting titles on contemporary Syria found on the AUB general online catalogue.

– Business networks in Syria : the political economy of authoritarian resilience / Bassam Haddad, Stanford University Press, 2012. 

– Syria and Bilad al-Sham under Ottoman rule essays in honour of Abdul Karim Rafeq / edited by Peter Sluglett with Stefan Weber, Leiden, Brill, 2011. 

– Syria through jihadist eyes a perfect enemy / Nibras Kazimi, Hoover Institution Press, 2010. 

– Administrative reforms in Syria a statement of intent or a step toward development / by Dania Ali El Kheyami (Aub thesis), 2009.